Employee Benefits Summary

Investing in health also makes good business sense. The cost of providing benefits for ill employees tends to be much higher than providing benefits for healthy ones. Staying fit also has monetary advantages for employees and illnesses and conditions typically require more out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Medical / Dental / Vision Insurance:

Medical:  We offer 2 options on medical coverage, a traditional Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) and an Health Savings Account (HSA) plan.  Incyte Diagnostics contributes to the HSA account and also covers half of the deductible on the HRA plan.

Dental: We offer 2 options on dental coverage, a no cost option for the employee and a buy-up option that includes extensive work and orthodontia.

Vision: Incyte offers widely excepted vision coverage.

Extended Illness Bank (EIB)

Incyte Diagnostics recognizes that employees may need time off work for their serious health conditions.  For this purpose employees will accrue hours in their Extended Illness Bank (EIB) to be used as income protection for up to a maximum 240 hours to protect employees from the financial burden caused by an extended illness.

Life/AD&D Insurance/Critical Illness

Incyte Diagnostics offers AD&D / Term life and Critical Illness insurance policies for all full time employee.

401K Retirement

Incyte will match 100% of the 1st 3% contributed and 50% of the next 2% contributed.  After 1 year of employment you are eligible to contribute to the 401k and you are 100% vested instantly.  Incyte does Profit Sharing for all employees and Incyte may contribute up to 5.4% of annual salary at its discretion.

EAP Program:

When employees have life support, work success will follow. Employees distracted with real life problems need somewhere to turn. That’s where Incyte's Employee Assistance Program through The Standard can help. Our EAP provides the emotional support our employees need to be successful at work. Hundreds of organizations consider their EAP to be a core part of their work because of the toll everyday life can have on employee performance and health. Our EAP has saved lives, prevented accidents, addressed alcoholism, kept families whole, helped managers sleep at night, assisted domestic violence victims to safety, encouraged productive employees, resolved conflicts and helped businesses thrive.

Tuition Reimbursement:

Incyte will reimburse 50% up to $750 per year approved college level classes. Employee must obtain a "C" or above in order to qualify.  This benefit becomes effective the first month following one year of employment.

Employee Lab Work

All charges for Incyte Diagnostics lab work performed will be written off for you and your dependent spouse and children after insurance.

Public Transportation

Up to $25 a month towards the use of public transportation

Paid Holiday and PTO:

Incyte understands employees have diverse needs for time off from work and has established the Paid Time Off (PTO) policy to meet those needs. 

Year 0 to 1 you accrue 15 days (3 weeks) of paid time off

Year 1 to 5 you accrue 20 days (4 weeks) of paid time off

Year 6 to 10 you accrue 25 days (5 weeks) of paid time off

Year 11+ you accrue 30 days (6 weeks) of paid time off

You have the option to cashout a portion of your PTO accrual during your annual review and you may cashout your unused PTO in the event you leave the company.  We award those that have not taken sick leave each quarter.

Continuing Education:

Incyte requires all employees to continue their education. A certain number of credit hours are required for each position every year. Many resources are available in order to help complete this aspect of the job. 

Personal Insurance:

Group Savings on your Auto, Home & Renters Insurance.