Patient Centered Pathology®


The better patients understand their illness, the better partners they’ll be with their health care providers.  Studies have shown that patients who cope best are the ones who are engaged with their treatment. These are the same patients who ask questions about their illness and treatment options. Patients who are passive, tend to struggle more with their treatments and are more frequently hospitalized.

At Incyte Diagnostics, we believe that many patients and their families want to learn more about their health so they can make informed decisions about the management of their care.  That is why we developed a section of our website dedicated to providing information on everything from a basic glossary of terminology to more detailed information surrounding your specific diagnosis.  Our Board Certified pathologists are also available to answer any additional questions you may have.  

Our newly created Ask The Pathologist page was the vision of  Incyte pathologists who clearly want to help patients be more engaged and informed.  Helping patients understand their illness helps them gain control over their fears.  Any patient can become more knowledgeable about his or her health care and anyone can benefit from knowing more, while working more closely with their health care professionals, which now includes their pathologist.  

For added convenience, Incyte Diagnostics has a Facebook page to make it easier to contact us or find out what we have been doing.