Incyte Diagnostics Video


As a leader in the anatomic pathology field, it is important at Incyte Diagnostics to facilitate the latest technology to deliver the best results for clinicians and their patients.  Incyte Diagnostics has created a YouTube Channel to distribute educational videos to healthcare professionals to learn proper techniques of specimen handling as well as other topics related to pathology.  

Significance of Endocervical Cells in a Pap Smear

Dr. Felix Martinez Jr. explains the significance of endocervical cells in a Pap smear and demonstrates appropriate techniques for specimen collection.  It is intended to educate healthcare workers and office staff.  Dr. Martinez is board certified in anatomic and clinical pathology with subspecialty board certification in cytopathology.  Dr. Martinez has subspecialty interest in fine needle aspiration cytology, image guided needle sampling, cervical pathology, the biology of HPV infection, and pulmonary pathology.

Aspirated Material Slide Techniques

Dr. Sanjay Logani demonstrates three techniques for making slides from aspirated material.  A video of the broadcast has been posted below and on InCyte Diagnostics' YouTube Channel.  Dr. Logani is board certified in anatomic and clinical pathology, as well as cytopathology with subspecialty interests in gynecologic pathology.  Prior to joining Incyte in 2008, Dr. Logani was an Associate Professor in Pathology at Emory University, Department of Pathology. In addition, he was director of the Surgical Pathology Fellowship Program at Emory.


Pleural Fluid or Ascites Cytology Preparation

This video provides instruction on the proper way to aliquot and transport pleural fluid or ascites cytology specimens to Incyte Diagnostics.