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Synonyms: Sputum, lung cytology
Specimen Type: Sputum (deep cough)
Specimen Collection: Cytology fixative, specimen container. Collect specimen in a sterile container as fresh or with cytology fixative. If fresh, must transport within 2 hours. If in fixative, must transport within 24 hours.
Collection Procedure: Click here to see collection instructions.
Required Info: Complete the Incyte requisition with the patient's demographics and relevant history. Label the specimen container with the patient's full name and one unique identifier.
Specimen Stability: Unfixed specimens are stable for 2 hours at room temperature. Specimens fixed in cytology fixative are stable for 24 hours. Unfixed specimens which are not transported within 2 hours must be refrigerated immediately, and can remain stable for 3 days unless specimen was collected using saline.
Unacceptable Specimen: Unlabeled specimens, Specimens in incorrect fixative (such as formalin) can only be processed as a cell block. Saliva is not acceptable.
Department: Cytology
Method: Monolayer and cell block.
Turn Around: 24 - 48 hours from submission
Performed: Monday - Friday
Retention: Specimen 7 days, slides 10 years
CPT Code: 88112, 88305
Notes: Sputum specimens which are collected over the course of 3 days as individual specimens may be combined and submitted as one collection. However, all specimens must remain refrigerated or be in cytology fixative during the 3-day span.

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