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Skin Biopsy, Direct Immunofluorescence
Specimen Type: A punch or shaved skin biopsy
Specimen Collection: Specimen container, ZEUS transport medium
Collection Procedure: Click here to see collection instructions.
Required Info: Patient's full name, DOB, Soc Sec #, Date of specimen collection, Ordering MD
Specimen Stability: Maintain the specimen at room temperature
Unacceptable Specimen: Unlabeled specimens. Specimens in incorrect fixative (such as formalin)
Limitations: Adequacy
Department: Histology
Method: Direct Immunofluorescence
Turn Around: 24-48 hours from submission
Performed: Monday-Friday
Test Includes: Processing, examination and interpretive report
Retention: Specimen 7 days. Slides 10 years.
CPT Code: 88346 x6

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