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MUC-1 Glycoprotein
Clone: MRQ-17
Application: Expressed by gastric epithelium and epithelia of serous and mucinous ovarian tumors, and breast carcinoma (cytoplasmic and cell membrane patterns). Decreased expression in malignant transformation of intestinal metaplasia in gastric mucosa.
Specimen Type: Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue blocks (FFPE). If tissue blocks are not available, unstained slides are acceptable (please submit 1-2 slides per antibody to be tested, cuts must be 4 microns thick).
Collection Procedure: Tissue removed during a surgical procedure and placed in 10% NBF soon after removal from the patient. Appropriate tissue for requested staining.
Required Info: Patient's full name, DOB, Soc Sec #, Date of specimen collection, Ordering MD
Specimen Stability: Ambient: Indefinite
Unacceptable Specimen: Slides or paraffin blocks with no tissue remaining. Samples fixed in fixatives other than 10% neutral buffered formalin. Paraffin blocks that have been overheated or frozen.
Department: Histology
Method: Ventana
Turn Around: 24-48 hours
Performed: Mon-Sat
Retention: Blocks -10 years, Slides - 10 years
CPT Code: 88342 (The listed CPT codes are for reference use only. These codes should not direct billing practices and may not accurately reflect current billing practices.)

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