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Pap Test, SurePath
Synonyms: Liquid Pap, Autocyte, SurePath, BD
Specimen Type: Cervical/endocervical tissue, vaginal tissue
Specimen Collection: SurePath collection vial, broom-type collection device with detachable head, Cervix brush with snap off head.
Collection Procedure: Click here to see collection instructions.
Required Info: Complete the Incyte Request form with the patient's demographics and relevant history. Be sure to include the last menstrual period ( LMP), hormone therapy, history of cancer/dysplasia, intrauterine device, etc., as well as check any appropriate boxes.
Specimen Stability: Indefinite at room temperature
Unacceptable Specimen: Improper or inadequate patient identification, improper fixative
Limitations: Excess blood/inflammation/lubricant, scant cellularity
Department: Cytology
Method: SurePath liquid-based collection (BD Diagnostics)
Turn Around: 3-4 days
Performed: Monday-Friday 6AM-1:30 AM
Test Includes: All Pap tests (gynecologic specimens) within normal limits will be screened by a trained and certified Cytotechnologist and a report provided.
Retention: Specimen: 21 days after collection, Slide: 5 years
CPT Code: 88175 Automated, 88142 Thin Layer, 88141 Interpretation
Notes: All Pap tests are correlated with patient's previous history if on file at Incyte Diagnostics. When indicated the Pap test and biopsy will be correlated. The Pap Smear is not a diagnostic test, but a screening test, utilized to identify the presence of pre-malignant and malignant disease and various infectious agents. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Testing: May be requested as a reflex test with a diagnosis of atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance (ASCUS) or, as an adjunctive test in women 30 years and older, with Pap diagnosis of within normal limits. Additional molecular testing (CT/GC) may be requested from Pap collection vial, but must be ordered at time of collection.

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