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Chlamydia trachomatis
Synonyms: CT, Aptima, Chlamydia
Specimen Type: Endocervical collection, vaginal collection, male urethral collection, urine collection from male or female
Specimen Collection: Use the Aptima unisex collection kit, vaginal collection kit or urine collection kit.
Collection Procedure: Click here to see collection instructions.
Required Info: Complete the Incyte requisition with the patient's demographics and relevant history. Label the collection vial with the patient’s name and second unique identifier.
Specimen Stability: Vaginal and unisex swabs are stable for 60 days at ambient temperature after collection. A urine collection is stable for 30 days at ambient temperature preserved in the collection vial.
Unacceptable Specimen: Improper or inadequate patient identification, specimen in expired or incorrect collection vials. In a urine collection, the liquid level must fall between the two black indicator lines on the tube label or the specimen will be rejected. Vials with no swab, swabs that are not part of the collection
Department: Molecular
Method: APTIMA Combo 2 nucleic acid amplification test (NAA)
Turn Around: 1-3 days
Performed: Monday-Friday
CPT Code: 87491
Notes: Positive results are reported to the Health Department in accordance with state law.

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