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Synonyms: Gout crystals, Uric acid, Urate, Calcium pyrophosphate, Tophus, Crystals, Synovial, Synovial fluid, Pseudogout
Specimen Type: Synovial fluid aspirate
Specimen Collection: Aspirate synovial fluid from affected joint and submit recapped syringe without needle. Transport to laboratory ASAP. Label container with patient name and second identifier. Indicate specimen source. Alternative collection: Express synovial fluid into a sterile container or plain red top tube.
Required Info: Complete the Incyte request form with the patient’s full name, demographics and specimen source.
Unacceptable Specimen: Specimens submitted in formalin
Department: Cytology
Method: Microscopy
Turn Around: 24 - 48 hours from receipt of specimen
Notes: If culture desired, submit separate portion to clinical laboratory.

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